Agriculture Safety 3000

There is no pre-requisite for this course.

Teacher: Ms Annette Forer Email:
Phone: 403-922-7018

Overview of Course:
Students recognize and assess the hazards and manage the risks of working in agriculture.

AGR 3000 is the pre-requisite to the Green Certificate program. It teaches students that safety is the first concern when working in agriculture situations.

Supporting Courses:

 AGR1010: Introduction to Agriculture
 HCS2020: First Aid/CPR with AED
 HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems

Other Resources: Alberta Labour: Resources for the Classroom

Outcomes: The student will:

 1. identify and describe potential hazards found in the agricultural area
 2. examine and demonstrate standards/practices associated with agricultural health and safety
 3. identify and demonstrate methods for dealing with potential hazards in the agricultural area
 4. research and identify legislation and/or exemptions for agricultural health and safety
 5. demonstrate basic competencies
 6. create a transitional strategy to accommodate personal changes and build personal values

As posted on the home page of the course in Moodle.

Four quizzes, each worth 25% of the final grade to total 100%.

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