Pre-requisite: None



Overview of Course:
In CALM, students continue to work toward becoming “responsible, caring, creative, self-reliant and contributing members of a knowledge-based and prosperous society”


The aim of senior high school Career and Life Management (CALM) is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and
others, now and in the future. CALM is the core course for health literacy at the senior high school level in Alberta.

CALM is a vital component of comprehensive school health education. It emphasizes knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, competencies and values, and provides students with opportunities to enhance their capacities in problem solving, critical thinking and reflection.

Students require an understanding of self as the basis for making healthy choices, having healthy interactions with others and using resources wisely, as well as for lifelong career development.  They also require information, planning tools and processes to make decisions and develop action plans for effective life management. This health-promoting course provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and insight, and to acquire essential life skills; it is relevant to the needs of students, now and in the future, and stimulates creativity, encouraging them to learn and providing them with important learning skills.

The CALM course approaches health issues in a coherent and holistic way. It is designed to improve students’ theoretical understanding of health issues and their ability to apply knowledge and skills to personal situations.

Personal Choices – Optional Human Sexuality
Career and Life Choices
Resource and Financial Choices

Additional Component:  Community Service

Deadlines are noted on the course home page.

Four projects weighted at 25% each.

There is no final exam in this course.


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