Social Studies 30-2

RVSCLC Social 30-2

Course Outline

Course: ADLC (

This course is located at the following URL:  This course will not be found in the Rockyview School Division moodle.  You will be provided with a user name and password for this site when you register.

Instructor: Candice Horne

E-mail: Phone: (403) 932-6131 (Ext: 5330)

Course Text: Understandings of Ideologies, Oxford, 2010.

Course objectives:

This Grade 12 course is part of Alberta Education's social studies curriculum that
is designed to meet the needs of Alberta's students with a focus on identity and
citizenship. In this course, you need to be

  • self-disciplined, curious, responsible, open-minded, and trusting
  • willing to think and willing to learn

Social Studies 30-2 Themes

  • Social Studies 30-2 examines the origins, values and components of competing ideologies.
  • Students explore perspectives, individualism, and liberalism and analyze their relationship to common good and collectivism.
  • Study of political and economic systems allows students to make decisions about the values of liberalism.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their understanding of their roles as citizens to prepare them to respond to emergent global issues.

(Excerpted from ADLC Social 30-2)

Course Weighting:

Coursework: 60%/Exams 40%

Assignments: 40%

Discussions: 10%

Unit Review Exams: 10%

Exam 1: 20%              Exam 2: 20%


Assignment submission:  Assignments should be submitted through the ADLC website, not through e-mail.  If you have questions regarding submission protocol, please e-mail me.

Academic Honesty:


Plagiarism is defined as using another author's work without giving them credit in a bibliography or footnote or quoting a source without giving credit in a bibliography or footnote.
Assignments are to be completed on your own, not with the help of a friend or a tutor.  If you are having trouble, email your teacher for assistance.  Do not lend your answers for others to use and do not copy answers from other students to present as your own.
Plagiarizing (or using someone else's work or borrowing someone else's answers as though they are your own) could result in your receiving a mark of zero, so be sure to write in your own words.
Contact your teacher if you are not certain if something is plagiarism or not, or if you require assistance with an assignment.

Due dates: The following are the recommended deadlines for each unit.

Unit One: Feb. 13

Unit Two: Mar. 1st

Unit Three: Mar. 14

Unit Four: Mar. 29

Exam One

Unit Five: April 13

Unit Six: May 1

Unit Seven: May 10

Unit Eight: May 27

Exam Two

Diploma Dates: (you will be given information about where you are writing later in the semester)

Part A:  Written Portion-June 16th (9:00-11:30am)

Part B: Multiple Choice- June 23rd (9:00-11:30am)

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