Yoga 15/25

Yoga 15/25  (3 credit)   Rockyview Schools Community Learning Center

Instructors: Candice Horne

Philosophy (from Locally Developed Curriculum)


In Yoga 15-25-35, students will experience the health benefits of yoga and develop their well-being and personal management skills – skills which will help them to balance school, work and other life priorities. Yoga is a holistic pursuit of wellness where students are encouraged to challenge their expectations of self.  By experiencing these challenges, while learning in a supportive group setting, students will gain a better sense of identity, both as individuals and as active agents of a broader world. Through the various yoga movements, students will further develop their physical literacy in numerous ways and develop increased self-awareness including learning various relaxation techniques. They will learn to identify the precursors of stress and face them more effectively which will assist them in making responsible personal choices and decisions. At times, students will work in groups, refining communication skills and collaborating to build understanding, advance learning goals and foster an increased sense of community while experiencing and honouring the benefits of yoga to a healthy, active lifestyle.


Course Overview

This course will be taught through a combination of physical yoga classes, written assignments, and yoga workshops. The course will be taught by a teacher who is certified through a Yoga Alliance-recognized certification program. The emphasis will be on promoting relaxation, physical activity, confidence, and stress for all students. Yoga is a very individualized practice and all students will be encouraged to challenge themselves at their own level.


General Outcomes


1.    Perform the postures (asanas), breathing techniques and relaxation techniques of a yoga practice, and experience the wellness benefits thereof.

2.    Develop an understanding of their unique needs, limitations, and growth through yoga.

3.    Develop the personal management skills and the knowledge to benefit personally from a regular individualized yoga program.

4.    Acquire and apply a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology that is relevant to yoga.

5.    Understand the historical roots of yoga as an art, science and philosophy.


Course Expectations


To complete the required hours for this 3-credit course you will need to meet the following requirements:


  • one hour ON-SITE yoga per every school week of the semester.  You MUST complete these hours to get the course credits.


  • one hour of yoga in your community.  You may practice at a local studio.   At the end of each yoga session, please have your yoga instructor sign your form that you will submit to me.


  • one hour of self-directed yoga per week (you may practice the asanas that you feel comfortable with or you can practice yoga nidra or pranayama)


  • the majority of the course is yoga practice, but you will be expected to submit weekly journals and self-assessment logs based on the course notes and personal observations, several minor assignments and one major assignment.


  • There is no final exam for this course but there is a final project


Marks Breakdown


Participation/Practice 60%


  • Individual log sheets/self-assessment
  • On-site teacher evaluation


Research Project 15%


Yoga anatomy 5%


Journals %10


Final Presentation 10%

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