Ms. Elliott

Learning Support serves as a calm and productive space where students are motivated to learn in a supportive environment, and where time management and a productive work ethic are encouraged. Students' responsibility and active participation in their own school and learning experience is highly promoted.

The Learning Strategies courses complement and extend the subject-specific learning taking place in students' academic courses. By enabling students to attain skills and strategies essential to their success in high school subjects, they become actively involved in their learning and take greater responsibility to plan, monitor, and evaluate their own understanding.

What services does Learning Support provide?

  • Learning Strategies Instruction
  • Implementation and monitoring of IPPs (Individual Program Plans)
  • Provision of accommodations as outlined in each student’s IPP
  • Consultation and collaboration for inclusive programming and wrap-around support services
  • Development of self-advocacy and self-directed learning

Office Hours

If you would like to book a time to discuss your child, please contact Kathleen Elliott to make an appointment.


phone: 403-948-4360 ext. 5365

appointment times:

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