English 10-1

English 10-1 is the first course in the high school English program. It consists of reading, writing, visual, and auditory components as follows the Alberta Education curriculum standards.

English 10-1


Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to

1.  explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.

2.  comprehend literature and other texts in oral, print, visual and multimedia forms, and respond personally, critically and creatively.

3.  manage ideas and information.

4.  create oral, print, visual and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of communication.

5.  respect, support and collaborate with others.

For a more detailed look at the General Outcomes, click on  English Language Arts Program of Studies (http://education.alberta.ca/media/645805/srhelapofs.pdf) which will take you to the English
Language Arts page on the Alberta Education website.  Under Programs of Study find Grades 10-12 and click on the PDF link for English Language Arts (2003).
The study of ELA 10-1 involves SIX strands:

 reading/writing - essays, short stories, nonfiction, novel, dramas, poetry

 writing - paragraphs, essays, creative writing, vocabulary

 listening - tutorials, discussions, readings

 speaking - tutorials, discussions

 viewing - multimedia, film, TV

 presenting - slide shows, multimedia


Semester's Work - 70%, Final Assignment - 30%

This will be written in two parts, on-site, and when scheduled. Missing a final exam, unless prior arrangements have been made with the principal, or a doctor's note can be provided, will result in a
zero grade on said exam.)


 film - The Truman Show

 novel - To Kill a Mockingbird

 Shakespearean drama – Romeo and Juliet

Other resources for ELA 10-1 will be the Internet and any sources appropriate for the situation.

TIMELINE of UNITS- The various genre in ELA 10-1 will be studied thematically.

 one week - THEORY

 five weeks - Self-discovery (The Truman Show)

 six weeks - Choices (Romeo and Juliet)

 five weeks - The Outsider (To Kill a Mockingbird)

 one week - Final Assignment

The calendar in your ELA 10-1 course will contain daily information on what you should be working and when due dates and exams are scheduled.


Work on your lessons every day.  ELA 10-1 is a five credit course.  In a traditional school, you would spend approximately 80 minutes per day in the classroom, plus homework.  The same sort of hours (at least seven to ten per week) must be put in here, as well.  If you ignore your studies for a couple of days, it is very easy to fall behind, and catching up may appear to be an overwhelming task.

Bring an open mind. In this English Language Arts course, we will be discussing a great deal of text - text that will be viewed by the various participants in the class in a variety of different ways. It has been suggested that there are “at least six possible perspectives within a classroom about any piece of literature:

the author’s, the reader’s, the teacher’s, the class’s, the critic’s, and the changing interpretation within one reader when faced with challenges to her or his interpretation from the text or from others”. Rather than being confined to accepting one interpretation, you should be open to exploration and discussion, offering great potential for engagement and understanding. We will stay focussed on the formula: Logical Interpretation + Supporting Details = Logical Response.

Keep an organized binder. Print out all notes.  While you will have all of these on your hard drive, it never hurts to have a back-up, and you will likely find it much easier to study from printed materials.

It is your responsibility to complete all parts of the lessons and store your work in a binder for future study purposes. If there are concepts that you do not understand, be sure to email your teacher.

- Unless you are creating power points, animotos or other creative presentations, please save ALL assignments in a Word document (.doc or .docx).

- If you do not have Microsoft Word - download a free version of OpenOffice

- Please read the Guidelines to Success article before beginning this course.

Hand your work in on time.  While a student may be allowed to go back and complete missed assignments, that student will receive ONLY a mark on the assignment(s) in question - no feedback.

Missed assignments that are never completed will count as "zero" in your overall mark. It is very important to complete all assignments and to stay caught up.  If you do fall behind, make every effort to get
caught up as quickly as possible. Marked assignments may be re-submitted in an attempt to improve a grade and facilitate your earning!

Attendance and assignments at school are practice and training for the work world following your schooling.  Therefore, it is most important that you develop those habits which will assist you in becoming a valuable member of the workforce, no matter what you pursue.  Employers are not very tolerant of jobs not done at all, daydreaming when being given instructions, jobs poorly or incompletely done, too many absences, etc.  Poor work habits and attitudes toward your work can mean low-paying dead-end jobs,
frequent job changes, unemployment, dissatisfaction, boredom and so on.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you prepare yourself now to benefit both now and later.

Academic Honesty

- Is defined as using another author's work without giving them credit in a bibliography or footnote or quoting a source without giving credit in a bibliography or footnote.

- Plagiarizing (or using someone else's work or borrowing someone else's answers as though they are your own) could result in your receiving a mark of zero, so be sure to write in your own words.

- Do not lend your answers for others to use and do not copy answers from other students to present as your own.

- Contact your teacher if you are not certain if something is plagiarism or not.

- Contact your teacher if you require assistance with an assignment, I would be happy to assist you! :-)

Online Etiquette

Please maintain a courteous tone to all emails and begin emails with a polite salutation (ie: "Hello Mrs. Burr").  This helps to establish a cooperative tone.

To ensure that you do not fall behind, always email me as soon as you have technical issues or questions; do not wait!  I will be happy to help you!  :-)

Due Dates

- Lessons will typically be due on the Friday of each week . Refer to the Schedule (Course Calendar) for due dates and submit lessons according to these due dates.

If assignments are submitted more than a week overdue, they will still be marked but NO feedback will be provided.

- It is your responsibility to refer to the Schedule (Course Calendar) to verify ALL exam dates and ALL assignment due dates. If you are in doubt, please email your teacher.

Other due dates are listed on your course home page, in moodle, but the final due date to submit course work will be the last day of classes in the semester.

Do NOT fall behind in your course; catching up is difficult!

Do NOT submit several assignments "in bulk" (ie: all at one time). Waiting to submit all of your work at the end of the year makes the benefits of feedback negligible, and allows no time for error correction and assignment resubmission.

Review the late policy in your Course Outline. Be sure to follow it carefully and contact your teacher (early in the semester) if you need help.

Ask for help as soon as you have a problem. Do not submit an assignment on its due date, incomplete, with a note saying that you did not understand how to do it. If you do not understand an assignment, ask immediately by phone or email.  If you ask right away, you should be given an explanation as quickly as the situation will allow.


- Occasionally there may be a time when you require an extension for an assignment. When this happens, please contact me early in the semester, and I will gladly oblige you.

Do NOT request extensions near the very end of the semester. This places undue pressure on your teacher

who still has her own deadlines to meet.

Marks Updates

- Marks will be updated regularly and feedback for current assignments will be posted in Moodle for students and parents to view. (generally once/week)

- Please read these updates closely to ensure that you understand the feedback. (remember, if your assignment was submitted late, you will receive a mark, but NO feedback).

- To view your updated averages, please log into Power Schools.

- If you do not remember your login information, please contact the RVLC campus where you registered.

- Please politely notify me if you see any mark entry errors or omissions and I will gladly make the correction!

Check your rvschools email account daily. Most of the information you will receive pertaining to marks, quizzes, and the unit under study will be posted on the course homepage and NOT emailed. It is very
important, however, that you, as well as your key parent, check your school email account daily.

Each English Language Arts course that you study will be more difficult and challenging than the previous one. You may have to work harder to maintain a previous mark!

Do not hesitate to contact your teacher who is readily available to answer your questions and help you with your work.  Your study of ELA 10-1 will be an interesting - and challenging - one!!

If you need any help, please email me at aforer@rvschools.ab.ca or call 403-922- 7018.

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