English 10-1




Instructor:  Candice Horne (chorne@rvschools.ab.ca)

General Outcomes: Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to:

1. explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences. 2. comprehend texts in oral, print, visual & multimedia forms, & respond personally, critically & creatively. 3. manage ideas and information. 4. create oral, print, visual and multimedia texts, and enhance the clarity and artistry of communication. 5. respect, support and collaborate with others.

There are five modules for this course.  Each module will have essential questions to guide your learning, texts to read, and notes.  Each module will include both formative and summative assessment.

*This course is an ADLC course and can be found at:  adlc.ca

Unit 1:  Short Story and Poetry (23%)

Exam 1: Midterm (5%)

Unit 2: Modern Drama, Shakespeare, Film (22%)

Unit 3: Revisiting Short Story and Independent Novel Study (25%)

Exam 2: Final Exam (25%)


Students are eligible for rewrites on a case-by-case basis.  Sometimes you will be asked to rewrite an assignment by your teacher.

If you choose to rewrite you must make sure you've given a copy of the original (assessed) essay to your teacher as well as the re-write.  Please make sure to clearly label the rewrite.

Re-writes are only permitted on major assignments and you must get approval from your teacher.  If your mark is above a 75% then you will not be eligible for a rewrite.

English 10-1 Course Expectations

Important Information:

As you are reading the course texts you may have questions about characterization, theme, plot, symbol and context.  While you are welcome to peruse the regular websites for information (Sparknotes, Schmoop etc.) it is common for students to inadvertently end up plagiarizing information from these sites.

I will encourage you to come on-site to discuss these questions about the text with me.  If you can’t come on-site then you are welcome to e-mail me questions or even call me!


Plagiarism and cheating are serious issues of academic dishonesty and will be dealt with in a serious manner. If you have been found to have plagiarized on an English assignment or cheated on a test, the following consequences may occur:

  • the administration will be informed and it will appear in your student record at this school

  • you MAY be given another chance to complete a similar assignment.  You must come to your home campus and complete the assignment under supervision if given permission to rewrite.

  • records of plagiarism will be kept by the administration.

  • if a second incident occurs, the student may be removed from the course and will have to take it at a different school or at a later date.

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