Personal Psychology 20





Teacher: Candice Horne Email:
Phone: 403-932-6131 (ext: 5330) Semester 1:  2019


Course objectives:

Personal Psychology is worth three Alberta high school credits and should take about 75 hours to complete. The course is comprised of six sections. Within each section, the work is grouped into activities such as readings, videos, journals, open book quizzes and project-based assignments.


Through study and independent research projects, students will gain an understanding of the following topics:

Introduction to Psychology Personality Behaviors and Human Development

Biological Influences on Behaviour Heredity Intelligence Review and Conclusions


As well, students will be required to complete an independent research project including design, data collection, analysis and interpretation.


Class Policies:

For completing this course, you are expected to spend about 75 hours.
All required readings for this course are linked to the lessons.  Feel free to print these and store them in a binder for future study purposes.


Email - Feel free to email me anytime with questions or concerns that you have with respect to this course or other issues.





55% of the course mark


30% of the course mark

Final Review Assignment

15% of the course mark


Due Dates:
If you are a WE Connect student, talk to your WE Connect coordinator to determine when you need to have the course completed by.  You should be working on this course daily. Recommended due dates are listed in the course info folder, in Moodle, but there are no penalties for work submitted at any point during the course.  The final date to submit course work will be three days before the last day of classes in the Semester. Please email your teacher if you have any questions.

Plagiarizing, even by accident:


Rocky View Schools highlights the importance of not plagiarizing others’ work including assignments, tests, quizzes and exams. In the Responsible Use of Technology Agreement  Student that every student signs at the beginning of the year it says, “6.14 Network users will not engage in plagiarism of information obtained via “rockynet” network.”

Plagiarism is a serious offense; it will be brought to the attention of the Administration office at both your Home School and RVSO. Plagiarized work will result in a grade of “zero” for the assignment and may result in a grade of “zero” for the course, as well as academic suspension/expulsion.


Have a great semester!






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