Math 10C (not currently teaching)

Pre-Requisite: Students must have completed Mathematics 9 with 50%. It is recommended that students have over 65% in Math 9 to proceed with Math 10C.

Course Overview:

Mathematics 10 C aims to develop and promote skills and attitudes associated with mathematical literacy. It provides students with the opportunity to learn the prescribed curriculum as a prerequisite for future courses in mathematics and other subject areas.

Course Content:

Module 1 – Measurement
Module 2 – Roots and Powers
Module 3 – Polynomials
Module 4 – General Relations
Module 5 – Linear Functions
Module 6 – Linear Equations
Module 7 – Systems of Linear Equations

Requires Resources:

  • Moodle
  • Foundations and PreCalculus Mathematics 10, Pearson, 2010.
  • Hand held Graphing Calculator - to be provided by the student

See Course outline

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