Math 30-1

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 30-2 with 50% or more. It is recommended that students have over 65% in Math 20-1 or Math 30-2 to proceed with Math 30-1. There is a 30% Diploma Exam in this course.

Course Overview:

Mathematics 30-1 is intended for students that excel in the study of mathematics. Mathematics is an interesting and creative subject. It opens many doors to other areas of study such as medicine, engineering, and computer science, as well as the study of commerce, economics and other social sciences.

Course Content

Module 1 – Function Transformations
Module 2 – Radical Functions
Module 3 – Polynomial Functions
Module 4 – Foundations of Trigonometry
Module 5 – Trigonometry Applications and Identities
Module 6 – Exponents and Logarithms
Module 7 – Rational Functions and Function Operations
Module 8 – Permutations, Combinations, and the Binomial Theorem

Requires Resources:

  • Moodle
  • PreCalculus 12, McGraw- Hill Ryerson, 2012.
  • Hand held Graphing Calculator - to be provided by the student
See Course Outline
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