Mr. Young

Hello !!
I will be teaching Math 10-3, 10C, 20-2, 20-3, and 30-2 this year.  All are Moodle based courses.

Who Takes Dash 2 Mathematics Courses?
The Math Dash 2 program is designed for students who want to attend a university, college, or technical institute after high school, but do not need calculus skills.  This sequence will fulfill most high-school students' needs.

If you want to study at the post-secondary level in fields such as arts programs, civil engineering technology, medical technologies, or some apprenticeship programs, take Mathematics-2.

Who Takes Dash 3  Mathematics Courses?
Mathematics-3 is designed for students who want to learn the mathematics needed to enter most trades or want to enter the workforce after high school.

Most apprenticeship training programs in Alberta will recommend students successfully complete Mathematics 30-3. However, a small number of apprenticeship training programs may require students to complete the -2 course sequence in order to meet the mathematics entrance level competencies for those trades. Further information regarding apprenticeships can be found at:

You may contact me by email at  To reach me by phone, call 403 - 932 - 6131, extension 5293.  During the week I'm at the RVS CLC Cochrane school.  The school is located at 228 River Avenuse, immdiately south of Crystal Glass.

I look forward to talking with you about any of the senior high math courses.

Mr. Young

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