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I will be teaching Math 10-C, 10-3, and Chemistry 20/30 this school year. All are Moodle based courses, with the chem courses being offered through ADLC.

Who Takes Mathematics 10-C?
Students who received at least 50% in Math 9 (we recommend at least 60%). Mathematics 10-C is an intensive course that integrates many of the previous skills learned in Math 9 as well as various new skills that will be necessary for further studies in the –1 and –2 course sequences. Students first take Mathematics 10-C and then choose which path they want to take, either Mathematics 20–1 or Mathematics 20–2. By waiting until Grade 11 to choose which course sequence to follow, students will have a better idea of their future career goals, their skill level at high school-level mathematics, and the requirements for the post-secondary programs that interest them.

Who Takes Mathematics 10-3?
Mathematics-3 is designed for students who want to learn the mathematics needed to enter most trades or want to enter the workforce after high school.

Most apprenticeship training programs in Alberta will recommend students successfully complete Mathematics 30-3. However, a small number of apprenticeship training programs may require students to complete the -2 course sequence in order to meet the mathematics entrance level competencies for those trades. Further information regarding apprenticeships can be found at:



Chemistry 20/30

Please see the Alberta Program of Studies for more information.

You may contact me by email at sbao@rockyview.ab.ca.

I look forward to working with you this semester!

Mrs. Bao

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