Ms Bradley Green

Welcome to my webpage. I provide Learning Support and am the Individualized Program Plan Co-ordinator and Lead teacher for the Cochrane campus of RVSCLC.

RVS has a goal of engagement, support and student success for all students.  These are also the goals of the Learning Strategies course, which will help students to daily:  to know their own learning intentions, know how well they are attaining these criteria and know where to go next in their learning.

Here is a great Youtube about learning that you might find really interesting!


If your child has an IPP, or if you think your child may need an IPP, please contact me.

If you need to contact me, please either send me an email at, or phone the campus at 403-932-6131. I am usually working with students, so it is best to contact Debbie Bujold (5200), our campus co-ordinator, and she will connect us on the phone!

I look forward to discussing your child's learning needs, and if I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

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