Yvonne Paschalis

Hello families and community friends. I am proud to be your school Counsellor and strive to support all families and students. I have a teaching background and a Masters of Counselling Psychology. My passion is to support students in enhancing their school, peer, and personal experiences. This approach involves SLAM courses (over several days), module courses (single credit classes through booklets), exam stress and studying strategies, employment and scholarship planning, as well as counselling services. On this site I provide you with services in Calgary, Chestermere, and the surrounding area. They include current events to consistently available outreach.
Helpful Phone Numbers
Here you can find crisis lines, online chat that supports students, and a variety of numbers for your family members.
Counselling and Psychological Services
Counselling centers within Airdrie and surrounding areas as well as psychological services.
Parent Resources
Included here are resources for parents that want to learn how to best help their children as well as community resources.
Student Resources
Along my travels in helping others I often discover helpful information that is reliable and professional. Below I've included resources that students can use to help themselves and others that are having issues of different types.
Courses Offered
Currently I am planning on teaching a CALM slam in November and March of the 2019/2020 school semesters. This 'slam' is over three days. Attendance is mandatory as well as booklet completion to be handed in on the last day of the course. I also have available and Career Directions course that is 1 credit and is meant for students that are not sure what kind of career they are interested in yet. It involves research on careers, interviewing a professional in the field of interest, and a booklet completion. This is a paper course and no materials are online.
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