Grade 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be proficient with using a computer?

No.  Students learn the basic computer skills needed during the first couple of weeks and then continue to improve skills to a higher level.   As well, both students and “Key Parents” are fully in-serviced and technical support is available throughout the year.


Do families need to supply a computer?

Yes.  Computers and printers are required for students enrolling at RVSCLC.

Does the Rocky View Schools Community Learning Centre offer Alberta Education approved courses?

The same curriculum a student would receive in any school within Alberta is provided.  We offer instruction in all core courses, as well as a variety of optional courses.

Do all courses have to be taken online?

Yes. Our courses are all delivered through Moodle, and students submit their work in digital format to their teachers. However, if a parent chooses to do a blended program, the parent-directed portion of can be delivered in other ways.

Are textbooks provided?

Yes. Students are provided with the textbooks and novels they require for their courses.

What do parents need to provide?

The desire and willingness to be involved and supportive so your child can work effectively.  Daily supervision of students is necessary.

What school division does the Rocky View Schools Community Learning Centre belong to.

RVSCLC belongs to Rocky View Schools.  Please visit our division website at

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