Parent Role

Regardless of the type of program you choose, the parent plays a critical role in any type of “home based education” program.    Please consider some of the following questions if you are considering becoming a home schooling parent.

  • Can I provide daily supervision?
  • Am I able to communicate regularly with the program coordinator and staff?
  • Am I able to develop and monitor a structured routine for learning?
    Am I aware it is my responsibility to keep my child on task during the day.
  • Am I aware that it is my responsibility to be aware of deadlines and review assignments for completion and accuracy?
  • Is my relationship with my child such that he/she will respond to my instruction and support?
  • Am I capable of teaching the grade level and subjects on my own?
  • Am I willing to learning new subject matter to help support my child?
  • Am I willing to place my child’s educational needs at the forefront of my responsibilities?
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