High School Learning at RVSCLC

Are You Ready?

  • motivated to do your best, and self-disciplined enough to get your work done by setting up a work schedule and sticking to it?
  • a well-ordered person (or willing to learn to become better organized)?
  • an independent worker?
  • willing and confident enough to contact your teachers when you have questions or concerns about your lessons and assignments?
  • comfortable communicating in writing?
  • comfortable using the computer for writing and research?
  • willing to commit from 8 - 10 hours per week per subject?
  • persistent in your approach to learning new things?
  • good at meeting deadlines for getting work completed and handed in?

Most students possess some, but not all, of the characteristics listed above. A willingness on the part of the student to work with our teachers to learn how to become more organized, more self-disciplined, and self-motivated, can help increase confidence in learning and promote success.

Student w/laptop

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