Career Internship

Career Internship 10

What is it?


Career Internship 10 is a workplace-based curriculum designed to assist senior high school students in making informed decisions about their transitions from high school to post-secondary and/or the workplace.


Career Internship 10 means off-campus experiential learning undertaken by a senior high school student 15 years of age or older:

● as an integral part of a planned school program

● that is under the cooperative supervision of a certificated teacher and the onsite representative (usually the onsite supervisor)

● where the learning activity constitutes a separate course based on 25 hours per credit and meets the standards specified for the general and specific outcomes in the program of studies


How does it work?

The prerequisites and process for registering in Career Internship 10 are:

● Students must complete HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems prior to enrolling in Career Internship 10

● Career Internship 10 may be offered for 3, 4, or 5 credits

● Credits earned may be counted toward the requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma and/or a Certificate of High School Achievement

● Students enrolled in Career Internship 10 require a course learning plan with measurable goals and outcomes


Students may benefit from enrolling in Career Internship 10 prior to enrolling in the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Career Internship 10 may help determine a student’s suitability to a specific trade before applying to become an apprentice.




CAREERS: The Next Generation - CAREERS works with Alberta schools to connect students to employers for paid internships. High school students learn and earn as they test drive different careers through paid internships, helping them find out what kind of work appeals to them. Contact your Off-Campus Coordinator if you are interested in learning more about skilled internship opportunities.


Contact your school Guidance Counsellor, Administrator, or Off-Campus Coordinator if you are interested in this program.

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