Work Experience 15-25-35

Work Experience 15-25-35


Work Experience provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes in contexts that will assist them in making wise decisions regarding their future education, training, and employment upon leaving senior high school and allow for the smooth transition from school to work and/or post-secondary institutions.


What is it?


Students enrolled in the Work Experience Program are part of the regular High School Program.


Work Experience 15, 25, 35 is off-campus experiential learning undertaken by a senior high school student 15 years of age or older:

● that is an integral part of a planned school program

● that is under the cooperative supervision of a certificated teacher and the employer’s onsite representative (usually the onsite supervisor)

● where the activity constitutes separate work experience courses based on 25 hours per credit

● that may involve volunteer activities, paid employment, or both


What are the benefits?

● Earn up to 15 credits towards your high school diploma, 10 of which can be at the 35 level

● Gain work or volunteer experience

● Strengthen your resume

● Use your work experience mark for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship to increase your average for your Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12 marks

● Use it as a fifth entrance course for many university and college programs (check with your teacher counselor for specifics)

How does it work?

The prerequisites and process for registering in Work Experience are:

● Students must be in Grades 10-12. Minimum 15 years of age or older

● Students must have a job or volunteer position that meets the eligibility requirements (supervision provided; safe and caring environment; adheres to youth employment laws; and other factors as determined)

● Prior to beginning, students must:

○  Meet with their school Guidance Counsellor or Administrator and their Off-Campus Coordinator

○  Complete the 1-credit pre-requisite course, HCS 3000: Workplace Safety Systems

○  Complete the Off-campus Education package and obtained the necessary signatures

● Work experience courses may be offered for variable credit options with a maximum of 30 credits awarded to a student. A maximum of 15 work experience credits can be counted toward the Alberta High School Diploma requirements

● Students must acquire a minimum of 75 hours to earn the minimum of 3 credits

● Students may enroll in Work Experience 35 without having completed Work Experience 15 and/or Work Experience 25; however, as levels increase, students are expected to demonstrate skills at a higher level of proficiency; a more advanced skill set; or the ability to work effectively in a more complex or sophisticated environment

● A student may not earn credits in work experience courses retroactively. A student must be enrolled in a work experience course that has been fully approved by an off-campus teacher before they can begin earning hours for credit

● Students enrolled in work experience require a course learning plan for each level (15, 25, or 35)

● The work site must be approved by an Off-campus Coordinator


Contact your school Guidance Counsellor, Administrator, or Off-Campus Coordinator if you are interested in this program.

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