Science 30 Level

Science 30

This academic course provides students with a unified view of the biological, chemical, physical and earth sciences and an awareness of the connections among them.

The four topics covered are:

• Living Systems Respond to Their Environment

• Chemistry in the Environment

• Electromagnetic Energy

• Energy and the Environment

The Science 20-30 program is designed for the student who is interested in science but does not require science courses for post-secondary education.


Biology 30

This academic program explores various human systems and principles of heredity. In Biology 30, the emphasis is on interactions between human systems.

The four topics covered are:

• The Nervous & Endocrine Systems

• Reproduction and Development

• Cell Division, Genetics, & Molecular Biology

• Population & Community Dynamics


Chemistry 30

This academic program is designed to study matter, energy and its changes. Students, through the study of Chemistry 30, are given an opportunity to explore and understand the natural world and to become aware of the profound influence of chemistry on their lives.

The four topics covered are:

• Organic Chemistry

• Thermochemical Changes

• Electrochemical Changes

• Equilibrium, Acids and Bases in Chemical Changes.


Physics 30

This academic program is designed to study matter and energy and their interactions. Physics 30 helps students understand the physics principles behind the natural events they experience and the technology they use in their daily lives.

The four topics covered are:

• Momentum & Impulse

• Forces and Fields

• Electromagnetic Radiation

• Atomic Physics

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