Science 10 Level

Science 10

This academic course provides students with a unified view of the biological, chemical, physical and earth sciences and an awareness of the connections among them. Science 10 is the prerequisite for all 20 level sciences.

The four topics covered are:

• Energy and Matter in Chemical Change

• Energy Flow in Technological Systems

• Cycling of Matter in Living Systems

• Energy Flow in Global Systems


Science 14

Students enrolled in Science 14 will actively investigate the properties of a variety of samples of matter, including mixtures and solutions, elements, and compounds encountered in everyday life.

Students will gain an understanding that the design of energy transfer technologies also takes into consideration the need for safety and for efficiency as a means of reducing reliance upon non-renewable energy resources.

Students will investigate life processes at the organism and system level, and extrapolate these processes to the cellular level.

Finally, students will gain an understanding that energy from the Sun sustains living systems and maintains equilibrium in the biosphere.


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