Science 20 Level

Science 20

This academic course provides students with a unified view of the biological, chemical, physical and earth sciences and an awareness of the connections among them The four topics covered are:

• Chemical Change

• Changes in Motion

• The Changing Earth

• Changes in Living Systems

Science 24

Students enrolled in Science 24 will investigate properties of matter.

They will investigate the classification of elements and the properties of mixtures and solutions encountered at home or in the workplace. Students will investigate a variety of important energy conversions occurring in biological, chemical, physical and technological systems. Students will learn about the body’s natural defense systems and about medical techniques developed to minimize the risk of exposure to environmental toxins and pathogens. Finally, students will gain an understanding that there is a greater risk of being injured or killed while travelling in a car or other motor vehicle than in other common activities.


Biology 20

This academic program explores interactions of living systems with one another and with their environment. In Biology 20, the underlying theme is energy and matter exchange.

The four topics covered are:

• Energy & Matter Exchange in the Biosphere

• Ecosystems & Population Change

• Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

• Human Systems

Chemistry 20

This academic program will give students an introduction to advanced chemistry. Students will learn how molecules interact with one another, investigate changes in matter, and begin to use practical lab skills to supplement their theoretical knowledge. A solid background in math is recommended for the analytical skills they will use in this course.

The four topics covered are:

• Chemical Bonding

• Gases as A Form of Matter

• Solutions, Acids & Bases

• Quantitative Relationships


Physics 20

This academic program introduces students to the study of force and energy changes that occur around us every day. Physics is a very mathematical course. It is recommended that students have an interest in math and a strong background in algebra.

The four topics covered are:

• Kinematics

• Dynamics

• Circular Motion, Work and Energy

• Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves

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