Device Vendors Information

Device Vendors

Visit the following links to RVS Vendor Stores which provides a discount for our parents: (if you don't know the password, please contact your designate school office and/or check the school website under the 'Parents' tab)

  • Apple Store for Education - RVS schools offers parents access to the Apple Store. This logged in access gives a roughly 3% discount on computers. This link is for RVS student Apple purchases by their families only.
  • Dell Canada - RVS' membership through Dell's Employee Purchase Program guarantees a minimum 7% discount on the purchase of any Dell product. For more information please contact a Dell representative at 1.877.297.6974 and quote RVS Member ID: 5721966.
  • HP Academy - offers RVS a 10% discount on the purchase of any HP product. HP Academy will also give back 7% of the purchase value to the school, to fund future technology purchases or supplies. Contact an HP representative at 1.877.231.4351 for more information.
  • Memory Express - has a good selection of Windows Laptops and a very good service agreement program.

Parents can purchase wherever they prefer. The links above are vendors who provide excellent support.

Schools may choose to recommend a particular OS and level of machine so that it is easier to have the Student Repair Team support them. Several schools in RVS asked students to purchase MacBook Pro because they have a metal case and all the productivity software included (video, sound, image editing software).

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