WeConnect Program

Rocky View Schools’ WeConnect Program is a program that offers both core and complementary high school courses to students within the jurisdiction. These courses are recognized through Alberta Education and can be used in completing a high school diploma. Students can take one (or more) course(s) through WeConnect, while attending a high school in the division. Students access WeConnect courses through their home school registration process and are advised to contact their guidance counsellor or administrator to get the process started.

WeConnect coordinators have been idenitified at each high school to directly assist students with their online classes. These teachers are available online, on school visits, and through video conferencing to answer questions, and provide individual help with assignments and projects. The teachers also may teach mini-lessons, give direction and provide feedback on assessments, all with the purpose of supporting students in their learning. Students complete their course work at their home schools during their WeConnect block, at home, or on trips to other parts of the world. This flexibility offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace and their own way. RVS aims to ensure each student is successful, to own their own learning, and to receive help and support along the way. WeConnect students realize they control their own learning, and develop work habits to fulfil their own educational goals.

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