Personal Psychology 20

Personal Psychology 20

Instructor: Candice Horne

Course objectives:

Personal Psychology is worth three Alberta high school credits and should take about 75 hours to complete. The course is comprised of four sections.


Within each section, the work is grouped into activities such as readings, videos, journals, open book quizzes and project based assignments.


Through study and independent research projects, students will gain an understanding of the following topics:


Introduction to Psychology


Behaviour and Human Development

Biological Influences on Behaviour



Review and Conclusions


As well, students will be required to complete an independent research project including design, data collection, analysis and interpretation.


Class Policies:


For completing this course you are expected to spend about 75 hours.

All required readings for this course are linked to the lessons.  Feel free to print these and store them in a binder for future study purposes.



Email- Feel free to email me anytime with questions or concerns that you have with respect to this course or other issues. I will answer your emails within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Friday. (


Note: All emails should be polite and begin with a salutation.

This sets the tone for positive communication.

Email subject: When you email the teacher, indicate the following in the subject line of your email.

-Course name (Personal Psych).

-Unit of study (unit one, two, etc)

-Copy the source, from the lesson, directly into the email, then ask your question.


This will help me to better understand exactly what you are asking.


Assignment labelling and submission:


Submit all completed assignments to the correct assignment folder, in moodle.

BE SURE to label your assignment correctly (as directed within the lesson).

Label your assignment as follows: last name_u1research (for example, I would label my assignment like this...horne_u1research).


Assignments, Journals, Final Project are 60% of the course mark

Quizzes 20% of the course mark

Final Exam 20% of the course mark


Due Dates:

You should be working on this course daily.

Due dates are listed on your course home page, in moodle, but the final due date to submit course work will be the last day of

classes in the Semester.

Please email your teacher if you have any questions.


Dishonesty (cheating and/or plagiarizing):


Students are expected to complete all course work on their own. Students who submit work that has not been completed on their own or have plagiarized without proper reference, may receive a mark of 0%

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