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Welcome to Rocky View Schools Community Learning Centre.

We are an alternative school, an outreach school, a home school and a place to find support and guidance on a student’s educational journey. We have four campuses in Airdrie, Cochrane and Chestermere, staffed by teachers who sincerely want students to succeed, and support staff who work efficiently to create a low-stress learning environment.

As an alternative school, we offer Senior High students a flexible program to suit their schedules. We offer all the core courses and many complementary courses with flexible start and end dates. We have teachers on each site every day to answer questions, provide individual help with assignments and projects, and to supervise exams. Students work on their courses at our schools, at home, or on trips to other parts of the world. Our teachers interact with the students face to face, via email, by telephone and using various social media, all with the purpose of meeting the learning needs of each student.

As an Outreach School, we provide counselling and support to High School students, and make individual program plans for not only academic programs, but also to deal with issues and to transition from school to the world outside.

As a Grade 1 – 9 Home Education school, we provide traditional parent-led opportunities for working at home. We offer guidance and planning, and work with parents to make home schooling their children successful and enjoyable.

At RVSCLC, every student is given the opportunity to be successful, to create his/her own learning plan, and to receive help and support. Our students realize they control their own learning, and develop work habits to fulfil their own educational goals. RVSCLC is a great place to work, to learn academic and social skills, and to move forward on the journey of life.


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