RVSCLC Staff Listing 2021-22 Semester 1


AdministrationEmailPhone Ext. #
Mr. G. Rankin grankin@rockyview.ab.ca 5320 Principal
Ms. Cain lcain@rockyview.ab.ca 5371 Assistant Principal - CLC
Ms. Dawes Harker gdawesharker@rockyview.ab.ca 5300 Assistant Principal - CLC


Teaching Staff


Staff NameStaff Email


Courses Taught
Mr. J. Arnold jarnold 5331 Math, Science
Ms. Bao sbao 5373 Math, Science
Mrs. Beaton kbeaton 5460 Guid. Counsellor - CLC
Mr. Bergen gbergen 5334

Social Studies, English

Ms. Bodo dbodo 5365 ALC Learning Support
Ms. Bradley Green sbradleygreen 5249 CLC Learning Support; 
Ms. Burt lburt Building Futures - Airdrie
Mr. Chomistek mchomistek The Farm - Airdrie
Ms. Curry lcurry RVS Leadership Academy
Ms. Dillon adillon 5312 Guidance Counsellor Chestermere
Mr. Dupre rdupre Building Futures - Cochrane
Mrs. Eaton jeaton 5307 Math, Science, Home Education
Ms. Good
lgood 5522
Math, Science
Ms. Horne chorne 5330 English
Mr. Jones tjones Building Futures - Airdrie
Dr. Judah mjudah 5202 Off Campus - East & WH Croxford
Mr. Kiernan tkiernan 5391 Off Campus - North
Mrs. Macaulay bmacaulay 5332
CHLC - Learning Support; English
Mr. Massey cmassey Building Futures - Airdrie
Ms. Nychuk mnychuk 5462
Guidance Counsellor-Airdrie
Mr. Pedersen dpedersen Building Futures - Cochrane
Mr. Reece greece 5403 Off Campus - West
Mrs. Reed lreed 5459
Home Education Coordinator
Mr. Root sroot 5507 Social Studies
Ms. Sliwinski jsliwinski 5521 English
Ms. Spector lspector 5249 Social Studies
Mr. Teasdale steasdale 4188 Mechanics - Cam Clark Ford
Mr. Turner mturner The Farm - Airdrie
Ms. Wilson cwilson English, Social Studies
Mr. Young
dyoung 5293

Support Staff

Staff Name  
Phone Ext. #

Ms. Bradley 5463 Community & Youth Outreach - Chestermere
Ms. Macaulay pmacaulay Community & Youth Outreach - Cochrane
Ms. Todos ttodos 5294 Community & Youth Outreach - Airdrie
Mrs. Alexander nalexander 5402 Reception - Chestermere
Mrs. Boyce yboyce 5301 Secretary - Airdrie South
Ms. Wickstrom swickstrom 5200 Secretary - Cochrane

403-945-4188 Secretary - Mechanics Shop
Mrs. Young cayoung 5401 Secretary - RVSCLC
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