RVSCLC Staff Listing 2021-22 Semester 1


AdministrationEmailPhone Ext. #
Mr. G. Rankin grankin@rockyview.ab.ca 5320 Principal
Ms. Cain lcain@rockyview.ab.ca 5371 Assistant Principal - CLC
Ms. Dawes Harker gdawesharker@rockyview.ab.ca 5300 Assistant Principal - CLC


Teaching Staff


Staff NameStaff Email


Courses Taught
Mr. J. Arnold jarnold 5331 Math, Science
Ms. Bao sbao 5373 Math, Science
Mrs. Beaton kbeaton 5460 Guid. Counsellor - CLC
Mr. Bergen gbergen 5334

Social Studies, English

Ms. Bodo dbodo 5365 ALC Learning Support
Ms. Bradley Green sbradleygreen 5249 CLC Learning Support; 
Ms. Burt lburt Building Futures - Airdrie
Mr. Chomistek mchomistek The Farm - Airdrie
Ms. Curry lcurry RVS Leadership Academy
Ms. Dillon adillon 5312 Guidance Counsellor Chestermere
Mr. Dupre rdupre Building Futures - Cochrane
Mrs. Eaton jeaton 5307 Math, Science
Ms. Good
lgood 5522
Math, Science
Ms. Horne chorne 5330 English
Mr. Jones tjones Building Futures - Airdrie
Dr. Judah mjudah 5202 Off Campus - East & WH Croxford
Mr. Kiernan tkiernan 5391 Off Campus - North
Mrs. Macaulay bmacaulay 5332
CHLC - Learning Support; English
Mr. Massey cmassey Building Futures - Airdrie
Ms. Nychuk mnychuk 5462
Guidance Counsellor-Airdrie
Mr. Pedersen dpedersen Building Futures - Cochrane
Mr. Reece greece 5403 Off Campus - West
Mrs. Reed lreed 5459
Home Schooling Coordinator
Mr. Root sroot 5507 Social Studies
Ms. Sliwinski jsliwinski 5521 CHLC Learning Support, English
Ms. Spector lspector 5249 Social Studies
Mr. Teasdale steasdale 4188 Mechanics - Cam Clark Ford
Mr. Turner mturner The Farm - Airdrie
Ms. Wilson cwilson English, Social Studies
Mr. Young
dyoung 5293

Support Staff

Staff Name  
Phone Ext. #

Ms. Bradley 5463 Community & Youth Outreach - Chestermere
Ms. Macaulay pmacaulay Community & Youth Outreach - Cochrane
Ms. Todos ttodos 5294 Community & Youth Outreach - Airdrie
Mrs. Alexander nalexander 5402 Reception - Chestermere
Mrs. Boyce yboyce 5301 Secretary - Airdrie South
Mrs. Bujold dbujold 5200 Secretary - Cochrane
Ms. Wickstrom swickstrom 403-945-4188 Secretary - Mechanics Program
Mrs. Young cayoung 5401 Secretary - RVSCLC & RVSO
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