RVSCLC Alternative Programs

Application forms are now open for RVSCLC Alternative Programs. Please see the list of application form links to the various programs.

Building Futures  - Airdrie Application:

The link address is: https://forms.gle/xRbuNHeFstgcTps58

Mechanics Training Centre - Application Form:

The link address is: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=VVE8arLYU0KtVGM9aMEDbdWUEzb949FJst-GGJXebFtUQUhDWVlTOUdITTJSSFY1OE9TNTVHM1BFWC4u

RVS Student Leadership Academy - Application Form:

The link address is: https://forms.gle/aT7b5Ryb3KSBYRWZA

The Farm - Application Form:

The link address is: https://forms.gle/trxfh8dJLVehCa1T6

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