Since 2000, Rocky View Schools have facilitated a partnership between Rocky View Schools and Cam Clark Ford in Airdrie to provide education to students interested in the trade of Automotive Mechanics.

To support this program, Cam Clark Ford provides a licensed Ford technician onsite most days. They also provide and maintain all major mechanical equipment located in the shop.

At the Centre students have the opportunity to engage in real life experiences by working on customer vehicles. Some past projects include:

  • Recycling an entire vehicle
  • Tire changeover and repair
  • Fluid changes and maintenance
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine teardown and reassembly

Students also learn how a shop runs, how to treat a customer vehicle, and how to expect their own vehicles to be treated when having them serviced.

In order to accommodate such a workload, students spend half a day, every day in the shop. Having this much “hands-on” time gives students an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and build on skills they already possess.


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