Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)


The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a way for a high school student to become an Apprentice and gain credits towards both an apprenticeship program and a high school diploma at the same time.


What is it?


RAP is a “real-world” program, so students are regular paid employees. If you are a focused and motivated student, RAP lets you get a head-start on your career by helping you learn a trade as early as Grade 10.


High school students interested in pursuing RAP follow 3 steps:


  1. Pick a trade


There are more than 50 trades in Alberta. Resources for learning more about trades in Alberta

● Designated Trades Profiles -

● Learn about Apprenticeship -


  1. Find an employer


This is an employer who will sponsor you as a RAP student. They will hire and train you as a RAP apprentice.


  1. Fill out the application at


Once you submit your application, your employer will be sent an email with instructions to access your application for confirmation of your RAP apprenticeship. Make sure you contact your Off-campus Coordinator.

What are the benefits?


In RAP, the focus is on skilled trades. Students can:

● earn up to 40 high school credits

● earn hours while in RAP that are applied to an apprenticeship program after high school graduation

● be automatically registered as a regular apprentice after high school graduation

● be eligible for a scholarship of $1000 to $2000


How does it work?


The prerequisites and process for registering in RAP are:

● Students must be in Grades 10-12. Minimum 15 years of age or older

● Students must have a sponsor/employer and have paid employment with them

● Prior to beginning, students must:

○  Meet with their school Guidance Counsellor or Administrator and their Off-Campus Coordinator

○  Complete the 1-credit pre-requisite course, HCS 3000: Workplace Safety Systems

○  Complete the Off-campus Education package and obtained the necessary signatures


Students who have obtained a sponsor/employer in their trade area of choice can go directly to the Government of Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training website to begin the Registered Apprenticeship Program application process.


Learn more:

- Apprenticeship and Industry Training website -

-  Trade Entrance Requirements

-  RAP brochure




If students can’t find their own RAP placement, they can put in an application with CAREERS to try and find a skilled internship. These are usually about 125 hours in length, and if it’s a good fit, it can lead to RAP. The skilled internship offers students a chance to try out a skilled trade. Internships are not guaranteed. For more information, please visit the website below and contact your Off-Campus Coordinator.


Contact your school Guidance Counsellor, Administrator, or Off-Campus Coordinator if you are interested in the Registered Apprenticeship Program.

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