Workplace Practicum

Workplace Practicum


Students enrolled in Workplace Practicum are part of the Knowledge and Employability program (K&E). Workplace Practicum is the foundation of a K&E student’s programming. Students are required to successfully complete two to three placements.

What is it?

The courses are intended to provide students with opportunities to experience success and become well prepared for employment, further studies, active citizenship, and lifelong learning.


Workplace Readiness 10-4, Workplace Practicum 20-4, and Workplace Practicum 30-4 refer to off-campus experiential learning undertaken by a senior high school student that

● may include job shadowing, job investigation or research, workplace observation, work site investigation, or a mentorship arrangement or project

● is an integral part of the Knowledge and Employability curriculum

● is under the cooperative supervision of a certificated teacher and the employer’s onsite representative (usually the onsite supervisor)

● provides hands-on experience to help students relate their learning to everyday life in the workplace and community

● is part of a 5-credit (125 hour) course


How does it work?

The prerequisites and process for registering in Workplace Practicum are:

● Senior high school students must complete HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems or Workplace Readiness 10-4 prior to enrolling in Workplace Practicum 20-4 and/or Workplace Practicum 30-4

● Senior high school students should be enrolled in and/or have completed an occupational course at the 20 and 30 levels related to the practicum placement

● Workplace practicums can be extended in time and credits, following completion of the 5-credit (125 hour) course, by allocating work experience credits

● Students may access more than one practicum at the 20 and 30 levels to correspond with the number of prerequisite occupational courses they have taken

● Credits earned may be counted toward the requirement for a Certificate of High School Achievement and/or an Alberta High School Diploma


Contact your school Guidance Counsellor, Administrator, or Learning Support Teacher if you are interested in this program.

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